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We provide a great customer service to our customers, we understand the unique needs of different loads and clients, we believe in hands-on approach and want all of our customers to dry-van-trailerknow they are receiving the best service available, with the highest quality of equipment and priority of their freight.



What we are good at

What set’s us apart?  Bondar’s Logistics offers competitive services and prices and is backed by a full back-end office staff.  Our commitment is to run a professional and successful transportation management company with a focus on providing logistical solutions to companies.

  • Expedited Freight Delivery
  • Quick Vehicle Response Times
  • From Cargo Vans to 53 foot Vans
  • Direct service to all points in the US
  • Satellite Tracking Equipped Vehicles.




Free Quotes

Bondar’s Logistics offers free quotes on any shipping request.  We can give you an estimate on your transportation requirements and find a solution that works for you.

Fast Response

Your time is valuable to us.  Get a fast and detailed response from us to your quote requests, phone calls, or inquiries.

Full Staff

We’re committed to your success.  Bondar’s Logistics has a full-time office staff as well as in-house mechanics so that we can always be moving.

Transport Management

We can outsource your back-end and manage your shipments for you.  Professional and established, Bondar’s Logistics takes a priority in logistical expertise.

Diverse Fleet

We can find a solution to your specific loads and orders.  Throughout our in-house inventory and network of drivers we have every tool necessary to complete an assignment with speed.

Local + National

Our system has enabled us to find the perfect medium between supplying exceptional local transport services throughout California as well as expand and handle long distance loads throughout the entire United States.


Call us for a free quote and custom fit to your transport needs.

Fast, flexible, 24 hour dispatch, reliable expedited shipping, Bondars Logistics LLC coordinates ground transportation to meet your needs and equipment requirements. customer satisfaction is guaranteed.


We are a fully licensed and insured company and deliver on our promises, constant communication is important with our drivers eliminating “second guessing” on delivery information.


Bondars Logistics dispatchers will never book a load they cannot fulfill to complete satisfaction. We will tell you up front if we can handle your freight, when to expect it and what it will cost.


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